Plates are on, time to drive!
Finny got her licenseplates, so it as time to drive.
After a fuel leakage on sunday, we drove the car to the Keverland open house to pick up a 8mm fuelline <'52.
After that we made the first long distance drive to Utrecht, and it drives great!!


May 15th, finn"y"shed!
After a few months of working day and night, we finally see light at the end of the tunnel (no I'm not going to die :)
Everything is painted, polished, welded, etc etc.
Monday we're going to the RDW for the paperwork!
Check out the pictures we made today.

May 8th, work still making progress!
Thanks to Bart, we really did a lot on the split today.
Both cars have to be ready before the end of may............
So today I notched the springplates, raised the car an inch, adjusted the camber, and Bart painted the side.
FEnders wil be mounted tomorrow!


Easter bun....split works!
No easter for us, just hard work on the split, because the oval will be back very soon!!
We build up the engine again (thnx Alex!), welded the first fender, cleaned the doorpanels (thnx Nico!) fixed the interiorlight (thnx Kai!!)
etc etc etc
Can talk about it for hours, but pics will say more then works.....check it out!


First work on the split
Due to the lack of time, we only removed some trim and polished's shiny again :D
Removed the doorpanels and tired to get the window mechanisms working, we found out the car ahs the original SECURIT doorwindows!
And there's a problem with the engine :s
The fuelpump is bursted, so fuel leaks into the enginecase........the oil is running out of all the places!!
But we already had plans to overhaul the engine, so as soon as my oval is to the paintshop, we can do some serious work on this baby

Romy's early 1952 crotchcooler split