September 19, 2008


Finally, Das Drag Day again !!!
Really love this meeting, the best show of the year IMHO !
When the weather s fine, you will see the best wheelies here, and the best beers offcourse :D
Hope to see you overthere, we will leave in just a few hours.......

Plateframe for Romy's oval

Almost time to drive the oval to Das Drag Day #6.
especiallyu for the show, we mounted the plateframe that Romy got for her birthday :)
Looks awesome!
check it out on her page:

Blog added to the website!

It's time for something new!
I've added a blog to my website, so I can keep you more up-to-date what's going on in the shop.
Hope you all like it!
Leave a note what you think about it :D