This is my '72 VW kubel.
I've bought it in really bad shape, but it's complete !!
The second VW 181 is a solid '77 body !




November, 2008
Damn, more then 3 years ago that I assembled my thing floorpan :(
Really have to start working on my own cars, hahaha
Luckily we're working on a new house........with garage, so I can do a project at home, and really work on it!
Starting  up this project a little bit.....just bought a shitload of spareparts for the 181!
Even got a set of NOS fenders, and.........14" RO80 wheels :D
Maybe I'll finish this one before the oval ;)



August 28th, 2005
Did a lot of small jobs for other people, like Vanessa's splitvan and Ray's VW.
and with all the meetings i didn't had much time for the thing :(
So here's an update !!!
Mounted the steering box and all the parts that are connected !


May 5th, 2005
She's rollin'again !!!
A lot of progress today, a friend of mine wanted to mount the engine,
so we we're done around 1 a.m. :(
But all parts are on, see for yourself !!
Special thnx to Jasper from for the airbrush on my springplates !


April 28th, 2005
Painted the chassis, and starting with building up !!
The axle and front discbrakes are mounted, now waiting for the springplates, so i can build up the rear axle !!


April 26th, 2005
This evening I've mounted the front beam, so i can build it up !!
It's going great, only bad thing is that the adjuster will hit the chassis :(


April 18th, 2005
Did a lot, but forgot to post some pics on my site !!
So here's a major update :D
The right floorpan is in, the bottom-side of the chassis is all blank and finished with
a thin layer of zinkspray, my friend Krukab took care of sandblasting the swingarms and other parts............
And i bought original rear light lenses with org. chrome bezel, and clear headlights with black cross ;)
I also painted the springplates, my friend "Jasper_oval" will
give them a special treatment, you'll see !!!


March 23th, 2005
Came a lot further on the kubel resto this week !!
I removed all the paint from the top of the chassis with a big steel brush on a electric grinder.
All blank, so i finished it off with a thin layer of zinkspray.
And i got the right floorpan !!


March 17th, 2005
Today i removed both springplates at the rear axle, and fitted the first Porsche brakedrum.
It will fit, axle from a 181 is 0,5 cm longer then a standard axle.
And i removed some tar, grease and rust from the chassis...


Click a pic below for more :

N.O.S. / special parts

Engine resto

Overall resto