January 22nd, 2005
and the linkage is mounted !!
I hope it will work, because the gascable has to work in a corner of 40 degrees......
Maybe it will go to tough and breaks after a 100 miles :(
We'll see !


January 2nd, 2005
today i've mounted the fan house, the dynamo and a few small parts.
Have to make my own carburator linkage,
because the one that came with the set looks like sh*t !


December 17th, 2004
Progress on the engine !
Mounted the J-pipes, the ANSA exhaust and both cylinder covers.


December 12th, 2004
Progress on the engine !
Mounted the cylinderheads, and fitted 1 carb......


December 4th, 2004
Mounted the starter on the transmissionbox and welded the fancase :)


December 3th, 2004
Painted the transmissionbox !

22th, 2004
Last weekend i mounted the pistonrings and cylinders.
I also cleaned the transmission housing, and picked up my left floorplate !



November 12th, 2004
This is the 1600AS engine case that i'm going to use for the thing :)
i will mount new bearings and pistonrings.