March 15th, 2005
Last weekend i welded the first floorpan, and stripped the chassis !!!
Great job, i'm having a lot of fun :D
See for yourself !



February 21st, 2005
Bought a set of original HELLA turnsignal lenses, and a straight rear bumper :D


February 9th, 2005
Today i've cut out the other  floorpan :D
So the right side is out also !!
This will be a great resto :D
And i removed all the wires and the head cable.
In march i will order all the parts for the brakes @ the chassis
has to be ready this summer !!!


February 3th, 2005
Today i've cut out the left floorpan.....
that was an easy job !
took me less then 2 ours to get it out :D
See for yourself !


January 22nd, 2005
I'm polishing the cookiecutters at the moment, because it's to freakin'cold in the garage !
See the pics for progress.............


November 22th, 2004
 picked up my left floorplate !


November 12th, 2004
Still working on the 181
I've cleaned the chassis, it really needs 2 news floorplates :(
The transmission is out, so i can polish it this winter ;)


September 15th, 2004
the VW 181 chassis


September 11th, 2004
today i cut the VW 181 in three pieces.
One piece is going to my friend up north !!
the other pieces go to the junkyard, because i have a good 181 body !


Summer 2003
I've put the kubel away for a few months,
because i have a lot of work to do on the '65 fastback
for my girlfriend.
On the pics below you see how i've put the 2 kubels away....
and in the middle you see the future wheels for the "thing"  !


Autumn 2002
In 2002 i've bought this really good Kubel body.
Absolutely NO RUST and NO DENTS !
The restoration of the body will be so easy now :-)