This is my '70 1300 bug.
I've bought it in 1992 and drove it for 6 years.
It has been stored till 1999 and after that i started the restauration.
You can  see the results below !


February 26th
Build the interior back into the bug!
Looks great and the color is very nice with the paint of the beetle and the blue Doorpanels.
I'm really happy with it !


February 20th
Like i said last year, next year i will get a new cover seat.....
so here it is !!
Waterblue with white piping from TMI


March 7th
Last weekend i bought a complete interior of a '55 oval bug !
Maybe next year i will get a new cover set for  it in a different colour !
The spots on the right seat is from the cleaning, it's not dry yet :-)

February 5th
I finally got the Fuchs under the bug.
I had to wait for a good weather, because i didn't want my bug out of the shed in bad weather.
It looks GREAT !!
Only have to do a mod on the rear axle to fit the rear centercaps.

January 29th
Bought a set of NOS SKF wipers for my bug.
I bought a NOS set from "de keverfreak" last year.
Because of the rubber was very old, they didn't last very long :-(
I also bought a set of "German folks look" chrome trim for the grill under the rear window.
Only missing a spline or i have to search for those on the upcoming swapmeets....


Click on the pics below to see the pictures during restauration,
painting, building up and the variety of wheels that i had under the bug !


at the painter

building up

Various wheels