February 5th
Before i put on the fuchs, i borrowed a set boxterwheels from a friend.
4 times 7Jx16, with 195x45x16.
Don't like the look, but it's temporarily !!

January 31st
My neighbor mounted the front tires, Conti's sportscontact 145x65x15
First i thought it wouldn't fit, but thnx to Trayle D. from TGF for the tip that is was possible !


Saturday January 17th
Went to v/d Zaan to clear out 4mm. of the centerhole of two of the fuchses, because they are an older typ (911.361.020.00)  then the other 2 (911.361.020.10)
After that my neighbor mounted the rear tires, Pirelli P6000 in 195x65x15


Wednesday December 17th 2003
Finally found a set of Fuchs wheels !
I picked them up yesterday, they're way cool.
I only have to polish the centercaps myself, and clean the wheels.....
It's 4 times 6Jx15 ET36

October 2003
I've found a 1600TL for my girl, so she wants the baby fuchs back.
Here's my bug with a set of Porsche 964 wheels, it's temporary.
Because i don't like the look of the wheels, i'm searching for a set Fuchs's....


Summer 2003
I've mounted the baby fuchses of my girlfriend under the bug.
Her bug "died" several years ago, but we kept the wheels, because she really
wants a VW fastback in the future......
and then this wheels have to go under the 1600TL :-(


Click on the pics below to see the pictures during restauration,
painting, building up and the variety of wheels that i had under the bug !


at the painter

building up

Various wheels