December 2010
Good way to end this year, building an Okrasa engine for the oval.
Bought a complete setup from a friend, with carbs, filters, fuellines, linkage etc etc.
I added a lightened flywheel, balanced crank, Okrasa cam, and I'm still waiting for my OT pulley to finish the job!
It's runs superb, can't wait untill the snow is gone and drive it!!

July 2010
Back from Holiday, budel, so it's time for a little photoshoot :)


June 2010
Finally finished the oval, just in time before we go to the USA again :)
Minor things to do, so I won't make it to budel, but the result is stunnig so far!!


8th of May 2010
Damn, made a lot of progress today!
Right door is mounted too, left door is complete with window and doorpanel, all the wiring checked, brakes are bled.
Almost finished!!
Only have to see why the distributor won't give a spark, and then I can drive :D


2nd of May 2010
Did a lot of work last week, but nothing you can see on pictures.
We did the wiring, semaphores, bleed the brakes, etc etc etc.
But today we mounted the first door, glued in almost the whole headliner, front bumper, and some other stuff
Check out the pictures!


24 April 2010, Bit by bit
It doesn't get as fast as the beginning, but now all the small things have to be done.
Wiring, gascable, fuellines, things that have to be done, but you don't see.
But....we also mounted the rear bumper, bumperbar, and venttrim :)
Here are some pics from today!


18April 2010, window, trim, small parts mounted!
Today we started a littlebit later, and we had to quit early for an appointment, but we mounted some parts!|
Front shield, T-handle, trim, front lock, cable, switches, etc etc etc
Romy polished and repainted my plateframe I got from Kai's collection, it looks super again :)
We're getting there :)

17 April 2010, starting to build up!
Today we picked up the oval from the painter, and started re-assembling the oval :)
Because of the beautiful weather, we can work outside....PERFECT!
A lot of work was done today, and we're making good progress so far.
More tomorrow!


April 2010, painting!!!!
Not to much progress on this page last months (years :), but there was progress!
All the welding has been done, and the oval is at the painter this very moment :)
If everything goes well, I can pick it up this saturday, much sooner as I expected!!!
Here are some pictures I took today in the paintboot


October 2008, parts!!!!
The project is lying still at the moment, but still collecting parts every day.
Just received a set of NOS headlight rings, so now I can re-assemble my headlights :D


April 2008, WHEELS!!!!
Time for another update !!
did a load of welding last weeks, but didn't make pictures...............
But, my wheels are in the house, so here's a few pics!
GeeBee gasburners, from JGE !
Tires will be FIRESTONE F-560 135R15 up front, and 165R15 on the rear wheels.


December 1st..............2007
Time for an update !!
Last year, I saw the rustdevil was working on my I had to restore it!!
Planning is an OG color, disc-brakes on dropped spindles, etc etc
Here some pictures of the progress I made last month, I hope I can update more in the future!


March 22th 2005
Time for an update !!
The engine needed some "tickling", because it's a 1641cc with a 34mm single carb......
Going to do a complete overhaul on the engine and will install a 40mm weberkit with an OG ANSA spagetti exhaust :D
Keep coming back for updates LOL

December 24th 2005
Some more pics of the oval and my hooded albert :D
And I adjusted the frontbeam a bit more ;)

December 23th 2005
Mounted the Raders today !!
DAMN, looks really great :D :D
Have to lower the front a bit tomorrow..............didn't want to go all the way.
I wanted to know if I don't scrape the streets, but i didn't hit anything.
So I will adjust it a bit more tomorrow and make some more pics !
Here are the first pictures :


December 21
th 2005
The RDW today !!!!
I had my thoughts about the front axle, but they thought it was a split axle !!
So nothing to say about it, and everything was oke
The license will be AM - 04 - 46
Here the pics from today !

December 19th 2005
And up it goes !!
Because the oval was too low, I had to higher it up 2cm........
But with the new tires, it's going down 16mm again, so no change in that opinion.
I will do that at the end of this week.
Because of the shocktowers behind the inner fenders, they cut out the metal underneath
 the fueltank. Problem fixed too !

December 14th 2005
Lot of work !!
But I'm almost there.....YEAH :)
Slammed it major today......exhaust is almost on the floor, haha
And sandblasted the heart taillights and painted them.
Good news from the wheelshop too, my raders will be in stock in about 10 workdays !!
Check out the pics

December 7th 2005
Long day today !!
Mounted almost all the goodies from the last pictures :)
And I bought a NOS window wiper and a pair of west coast Metric heart taillight rubbers !!
Damn, those are expensive :)
I've coated the exhaust, and what dit I see ??
the rear panel is removable........nice option !
See the pics of the progress


December 6th 2005
Goodies for the oval !!
And tomorrow I'm going to mount most of come back for updates now and then !

December 4th 2005
Picked up the oval today !!!
Together with Clemens and Vanessa, and Bart and a friend of him !
Was very cool to drive it home, check out the pictures :D


This is how it looked before sale:


and this is how it's gonna look after this winter !!

'55 oval bug........
A friend of mine was trying to sell his oval bug in Norway,
and i had to buy it, no matter what !!
Fell in love with the car right away, so I had to sell
my silver 1300 '70 bug for it that i had for over 12 years now.
Here you see the first pics that i got trough email....