This is Clemens his '64 1500S Notchback (barnfind)
Bought it together with the fastback last month.
Original 31.000 km's , standing still since 1973...........
It's a lot of work, but the body is solid as a rock !

May 20th, 2008
Notch is finally painted, and Clemens is working hard to get it finished for Budel!
Let's hope it will be ready, because this car is going to win the prices this year!
Really awesome paintjob, and with all the chrome it's like new :D
Check out the pictures, and come back later because more updates will follow


April 1st, 2008
What's out, here comes the showstopper for Budel 2008 :D
Hopefully fully painted in the 3th week of April.


December 17th, 2004
Movieclip from the notch engine !!


December 16th, 2004
Took the whole notch apart !!!
All windows are out, and the dash is cleared......


December 12th, 2004
We've placed the engine and it's running great!!
Sounds great, with the big 40mm Dual carbs :D


December 4th, 2004
Turned the notch around, we're gonna put the engine in next week!!


November 29th 2003
The notch is back on it's (old) wheels !
It is lowered two inner splines, i hope it will be doesn't look that low at the moment.
We think that's because the bumpers, fueltank, fender and other heavy parts are not on the car yet.....we will see this summer !!


November 22th 2003
Finally, after 9 months, here's a update from the notch !!
NOS frontaxle, NOS brakecilinders, 1303 brakeshoes, new balljoints etc etc.
Front of the car welded and painted  with a matt black coating.
Has to be LOW next weekend :)


Click a pic below for more :

Overall resto

Engine resto

N.O.S. / special parts