December 4th, 2004
Turned the notch around, we're gonna put the engine in next week!!


January 30th 2004
Clemens engine is going fast now.
He shortened the airfilters and the EMPI linkage-bar.
Only have to place the muffler upcoming weeks and then his engine can go to Volksrepairs as well for some finetuning...


January 14th 2004
Clemens is finishing of his engine !
last Wednesday he installed the engine covers and his big 40mm. Dell's.
His will try to finish the rest this weekend, so his engine also can go to
for the last adjustments to the carbs.


December 21st
Clemens his engine is going to look very nice !!
All black and silver, with the phat 40 mm Dell's on it.....
Also new transmission rubbers and the seals renewed,
it's best when you do that with the engine out !


December 7th
And Clemens his engine !!
Because his notch is very old, he has ultra rare 83mm dohmed pistons on his engine.
Because he want to place his 40mm Dell's on the engine he decided to buy a set of 1641 cylinders.
His car is going really fast when it's ready !


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Overall resto

Engine resto

N.O.S. / special parts