18 September 2008
Just 2 days before DDD #6, and we mounted romy's plateframe :D
It's an original frame, that she got for her birthday from a very good friend.
It's beautiful!!


august 2008
Brother and sister :D


August 2008
Transmission fixed, time for some new wheels!!
Romy really wanted something different, so we bought a set of 5,5x15 grey(!) BRM's :D
With a set of 145x65 up front, and 185x50 in the rear..........it's awesome


July 2008
Transmission problems........big problems.
4 of the 6 bolts snapped from the diff, so we had to mount a new tranny :(
But with the help from my good friend Alex, we fixed it in no time!


Monday, 12th of may 2008
She's back on four wheels, slammed, narrowed, and after MOT/APK she will go lower up front........she's half way now :D
Just a few more things to do today, and she's ready to rumble !


Sunday, 11th of may 2008
Narrowed the beam is mounted!
Loads of parts are on the car now, like the mirrors, chrometrim, OG headlights, Antenna, etc etc
Rear is already narrowed, 5 innersplines up, and 4 outer down.
So it's lowwwwwwwwwwwww :D
Today I will finish the front...more pics later!


Sunday, 4th of may 2008
Narrowed the beam today!
When we're really going this fast (as we planned ;) we can drive it next week !!!!!!!



Saturday, 3rd of may 2008
here's how we picked it up, and the first day of progress :D