This is our '66 11-windowed microbus.
Purchased in November 2001.
It was completely standard as we bought it, but now it has everything !

Slammed, completely wasted........but fully loaded



24th January 2009
till some work to do, before it really can get in the bus.....but we're gettin'there!
Old transmission is out, new transmission ready to get in :D
Hopefully it's back on his wheels next Saturday!!


17th January 2009
Straight axle in the bus!
After a long, long, very long time, we finally are going to build in a long (typ3) tranny.
A good friend of us (Jack) welded the axles, and last weekend we build up the tranny with new bearings.
Hopefully  we will going to start building at the end of January!

 1st October 2008
Loads of work to do..............but almost finished for a new MOT/APK.
Made some new sheetmetal myself, Did all the welding/grinding, and she's ready to roll again :D
Almost 40% of the bus is primered at the moment, hope to have the whole bus in flat-red this winter.
Because of the roof-section is getting worse and worse every year,
(former owner welded a 60x60 plate in the roof where once a poptop was), I almost
bought a 80x80 ragtop (only have to pick it up)
More updates will follow!!

 28th September 2008
Need a new MOT on the bus, so I started to check the bus for hidden problems.
I found a lot!!
Km-cable broken, wheel bearings bad, 1 tire had a bad spot on the side, steering-joints needs replacement......etc etc etc
That are only the technical problems, I don't want to talk about the welding :S
Here are a few pictures, I started to fix the outside of the bus too, because there are holes everywhere at the moment :(


November 2006-January 2007

We've got a new engine in the bus......
After four years of driving with the standard 1300F engine, it was time to get some fresh power in the rear.
- dual 36mm Dellorto's -
- CB performance oil pump -
- polished phatboy -
etc etc etc


Saturday 26th of March

Because the transmission got damaged on our way home from Ninove,
we had to mount another one :(
Wtih some help from Erwin "Keverpech" !!
The transmission is in, only the flywheel on the engine get stuck in the back of the the engine has to come out again :(


Click on the pics below to see what has been done since 2001 :

Purchase 2001 first restowork Slamming ! safari windows