M10 Single carburetor engine instead of twin carburetor engine.
( from Engine number 255340 )
(E/G NO 255340)
M14 Name plate "Volkswagen" instead of current production name plate. ( Export)
M18 Emergency Light system.
M20 Speed meter in miles. ( Export )
M26 With activated carbon container for absorbing fuel vapor.
M27 Lap belt with reel fixture
( USA . Canada )
M27 Compliance with US exhaust emission standards.
( USA West Coast )
M30 Head lamp flasher with simultaneous license plate illumination.
( Austria )
M34 Loud horn and white front flasher indicators.
( Italy )
M37 Without emergency light system.
( France, Italy )
M46 Side-mounted flashing indicators.
( Norway, Denmark )
M47 Back up light.

M50 Dual circuit brake warning light.
M54 Lockable glove compartment lid.
M60 Heater booster for under floor heating.
M62 Water container with decreased air capacity and additional air hose, modified tail pipe, additional rear view mirror, outer, right, convex. ( Sweden )
M62 Modified tail pipe, additional rear rear view mirror, outer, right, convex.
M74 Mud flap rear
M75 Warning triangle attachment.
M82 Mounting pats for first aid kit.
M83 Warning triangle.
M89 Windshield glass
M93 Hinged quarter windows
M102 Glass ( heatable ) rear window
M103 Large reflector
( Sweden )
M105 Harder bonded rubber mounting for transmission
M108 Custom model
( '72 USA )
M110 Comprising ; M20, M237, M242, M246, M247, M255, M268, M617 custom model with hirged quarter windows and headrest.
 ( Canada )
M119 Eberspacher stationary heated

M121 Fresh air fan
( '72 )
M123 Specially suppressed parts.
( France )
M124 Yellow headlamps and safety rear view mirror
( Export )
M139 Dual circuit brakes
( USA, Canada )
M156 Larger air cleaner
M163 Bumper and wheel caps prime coated.
M184 Three-point safety belt front
 ( USA, Canada )
M185 Three-point safety belt front
 ( USA, Canada )
M186 Lap belt - rear seat
 ( USA, Canada )
M187 Headlamp for left-hand traffic
M208 Trailer operation
M220 Limited slip differential
M229 Cold start equipment set
( Injection )
M233 VW1600 TL in simplified version like model 315
M234 Chrom and interior trim as in model 311
M236 Fuel injection system instead of with carburetor.
M237 Moldings, overriders, trim rings, second sun visors, clock, loop carting and flashing indications.
M237 Moldings, clock, loop coveting and extended interior trim program.

M239 sealed beam headlight, flashing indicators with side marker lights, red tail lights, dual circuit brake warning light, back up lamp, fuel injection engine with clash pot, without head lamp flasher and parking lamp.
M240 Engine with recessed pistons for low octane fuel.
M242 Sealed beam headlights, flashing indicators with lateral light diffusion, red taillights, emergency lights, dual circuit headlamp flasher, parking lamp.
 ( USA, Canada )
M244 Glass-rear window ( heat protection glass )
M245 Engine with simplified heat exchangers.
( Australia, South Africa )
M246 Eberspacher stationary heater
( (Australia )
M248 Ignition starter switch without steeling rock
( Export )
M249 Automatic transmission
M250 54 hp engine instead of 45 hp
M258 Higher front seat backrest ( headrest )
M259 Mounting point for lap safety belt
M260 Rear seat backrest without armrest
M261 Additional rear view mirror, outer right
M263 Heavy duty equalizer spring for increased pay load.
M265 Welded-in side window panels, center and rear.
M267 Auxiliary spring for rear axle.
M273 Sealed beam headlights, red taillights but with out headlamp flasher.
M278 Side mounted flashing indicators instead of parking lamp.
( Italy, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway )
M281 Special reflectors and yellow head lamps bulbs.
( France, Algeria, Morocco )
M282 Sun visor mirror.
M285 88 amp hour battery
M286 Bumper rear with recess for license plate.
Export '72
M290 Mud flap rear.
( Netherlands )
M297 Sealed beam headlights, red taillighs but without of headlamp flasher and parking lamp.
 ( Export )
M299 Rear seat backrest rock.
( Sweden, USA, AQBK )
M527 Exhaust emission control.
(  Japan, Sweden )
M528 Rear view mirror, outer right, convex.
M551 Headlamps with halogen bulbs inside of normal bulbs.
M557 Press elector heater time switch.
M562 Reclining seat fittings.
( USA )
M594 Reinforced disc brakes and modified dual circuit brake system.
( Sweden )
M601 Special equipment package.
M602 Special equipment package.
M616 Back up light in the brake indicator light.
M617 Water container with decreased air capacity and additional air hose.
M630 12V system
M633 12V system fully suppressed
M634 Emergency light 12 Volt.
( police)
M652 Interval relay wiper for motor.
M659 Relay-Halogen for lamp